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On September 21, 2016, Christians from across the nation are coming together to pray in a solemn assembly for the transformation of our country. Churches and individuals will gather at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas to participate in the event. Additionally, individuals and churches across the nation are invited to participate in the live event by simulcast, agreeing in prayer with thousands of fellow believers across the nation.

Yes. As the bride of Christ, we believe that if we bow down in reverence before the Lord and humble ourselves, asking for forgiveness, God will respond to our worship with the fullness of His grace.

Yes. Christians are gathering to fast and pray for our nation, repenting before the Lord on her behalf.

No. The scheduled speakers will briefly take the stage at different points in the evening to lead and model the congregation in prayer for individuals, families, churches and the nation.

The afternoon event is for pastors and leaders, where those who shepherd in local churches will come together to intercede for individuals, families, churches and the nation. They will also be praying for the evening event. The evening event is open to the public and designed to allow church leaders and pastors to lead their own people in prayer, but otherwise serves the same purpose.

Christians from across the nation are gathering together to intercede in prayer for the United States of America. The country continues to march down a destructive path, abandoning biblical principles and godly standards for living. Behavior that the Lord God has already determined as evil, has now been re-defined as acceptable living. God has become marginalized in our schools and in the office of our government. As such, we will gather together and repent on behalf of the nation, requesting that the Lord would restore a right relationship between Himself and the country.

Yes, although only pastors and leaders may register for the afternoon event.

No. As stated earlier, the purpose of this event is for all Christians to gather together in prayerful agreement for the nation, that she repent and experience spiritual transformation.

The event will be broadcast on http://live.thegathering2017.org/ for those who have registered for the event. Churches are encouraged to coordinate with their technical staff/volunteers to assure that there are no problems with displaying the broadcast to their attendees.

The event will commence at 7:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT).

The afternoon leaders event is scheduled from 12:00–3:00 p.m. (3 hours) and the evening event is scheduled from 7:00–9:00 p.m. (2 hours).

All that is needed is an internet connection and a capable computer (PC/Mac). For groups, a digital projection system and a functional sound system is also required.

Please see below for more questions and answers concerning the simulcast.

Simulcast FAQs

A simulcast or streaming event is an event that is broadcast simultaneously to various hosting locations worldwide through the use of the Internet.

Streaming live content requires a constant connection. The live video player automatically connects you at the highest bit-rate your current connection can maintain, but if you experience buffering, you will simply need to go to the “MENU” button on the player; click on GEAR icon (the “QUALITY” option) and choose a lower bit-rate than what you are currently connected at.

Wireless connectivity should be avoided due to the potential for drops in available bandwidth on your network. We recommend that you use a hard-wired connection whenever possible.

We recommend that the minimum connection be 700kbps (1MB for good quality; 2.5mbps for best quality) download speed. You may test your connection’s speed by going to http://www.speedtest.net. If your download speed is less than the suggested minimum, then you have some options. They are:

  1. Connect at the lowest speed we broadcast with (500k) and understand that the quality of the stream may be a bit less than you’re used to;
  2. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and request a faster connection. In some cases, your current provider may offer higher rates of speed for the same rate you are already paying.

We recommend a “neutral” browser, or one that doesn’t depend on the operating system of your computer. These tend to use less on-board resources and result in a higher quality video. Therefore, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome in both PC and Mac environments. Please be sure you update your browsers before the event to get the most recent versions.

Streaming to your television is a good practice for both individuals and small groups due to their smaller environments. Here is how you accomplish this:

Internet: Connect your laptop/computer to the Internet via a CAT-5 cable;
Video Connection: Plug a 15-pin VGA cable (commonly used to connect a computer tower/laptop to an external monitor) into your computer/laptop and then into your HDTV at the PC connection;

Audio Connection: Using a mini-audio cable, connect the audio out/headphones jack from your computer into the Audio In of your HDTV. Based on your computers settings, you may have to click on the Function 5 (F5) to see the image from your computer on your TV.

Adjust Your Settings: Use your manufacturer’s settings to navigate to the correct source for both your TV and your computer. You may need to resolve the resolution sent from your computer to the TV by going into the Display Settings (Mac & PC) and adjust the resolution to match the best quality of your desktop image.

Navigate to Live Stream: Once you have completed these steps, simply open a browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended), navigate to the Live Stream page within the Host Event Site, and then click on the Full Screen
button on the live streaming player. The TV will now be your new monitor for the event and display the broadcast in full-screen mode.

Depending on the type of computer/laptop you are using, there are many variables to this recommended setup, including use of HDMI connections, S-Video as well as wireless connections. Any of these connections should
work to transfer the display from your computer to an HDTV.

Note: just because your TV is HD, doesn’t mean the stream will be; HD live streams will be broadcast in HD resolution (720×400) and bit-rate (2.5mbps).

Unless you have intentionally blocked your ports using your firewall software, you most likely already have them available. However, if you have disabled ports on your firewall, you will need to have the following opened up in order to watch the live stream: Port 80, Port 1935; both for HTML and Flash traffic.

Yes. LifeWay, who will be managing the simulcast, broadcasts to all mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile).

Yes and No. If you have a computer that has enough processing horsepower, then yes, it is possible. However, we recommend connecting to your live streams on a separate computer from the one you are using for Chat
Support during an event. This will give your live stream the maximum resources available during the live event and reduce the risk of buffering and/or freezing due to low processor availability.

This is due to the live video stream being blocked in some fashion at your location. This can be in a firewall, a router, or on your PC within a security application such as McAfee, Norton, Avast, etc. Please check with your IT department to verify that your network is allowing live streaming.

THIS IS VERY COMMON IN A CORPORATE WORSHIP ENVIRONMENT; please check with your IT department in advance of the event you want to watch.

First, check your computer to ensure that no other programs are running in the background. Click on CTRL (button), ALT (button) and DELETE (button) simultaneously in order to stop the other software processes.
Next, check your anti-virus application and confirm it is not running in the background. If it is possible to disable it, do so and then try to connect to the stream again.

Try to minimize the traffic on your network. If there are others on the network, confirm that they are not also streaming or downloading large files. Streaming radio and video commonly cause a fluctuation in available bandwidth on a local network.

If you have a wireless network, consider disabling it for the event as well. Smart-phones often will connect to an unsecured network as soon as they are in proximity to that network, which will cut down on your available bandwidth as well.

Live events are streamed, therefore, cannot be saved as a file.

However, we offer a cloud-DVR for some of our live streams. The live content can be paused as well as reviewed in case you have missed something. This content is not saved on your hard drive locally, but instead is delivered from a cached version in the cloud.

Finally, saving the live simulcast content would be against your Host Site Covenant and violate copyright laws.

We encourage you to share quotes and experiences of the Simulcast with your social networks. Based on your event, you may even include a hash-tag and an event-specific-URL to share details.

We do ask that you not share the Live Event link with your networks, however. This link will not work without the login information associated with your LifeWay account. And, this would also violate your Host Site Covenant agreement.

The Gathering is free of political agendas, merchandise, and ministry tents. No offering will be received. No books will be sold. No personalities will be promoted.